The Girlfriends’ Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is so much more than corny teddy bears, smelly flowers, and predictable candy hearts from your boo. Bitter, we are not! Ok ok, so maybe there’s a tiny bit of bitterness in our undertone, but basically what we’re trying to say is V­-Day is more than love notes and sweet gestures to and from your partner. V-Day can also be a day for those special people who make your heart feel right at home ­- aka your besties, girlfriends, amigas, ride-­or-­dies, homegirls, bffls, you get the idea!

Call them what you want, your girlfriends always have your back. Whether you’re boo-­ed up or single and loving it, there’s nothing quite like getting your best girlfriends together for a night of carbs, girl­talk, and a good rom­-com. That’s all you need this V­-Day!

Here’s our guide for hosting the perfect Valentine’s Day movie night:

Girl Gang

27 Dresses
(via 2​7 Dresses)​

Obviously. The key component here is all of your favorite girls in one place. Makeup­-free and piled on the couch being lazy AF together.

Location Location

500 Days of Summer
(via 5​00 Days of Summer)​

Get a room indeed. Whichever girlfriend has the comfiest couch and biggest tv, that’s who’s hosting the movie night. Rules are rules, ya know?

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

27 Dresses27 Dresses
(via: 2​7 Dresses)​

You deserve all the snacks. Pile your coffee table with of all your food faves. Load up on the carbs, stock up on the sugar, indulge. If there’s any cheating happening on V-­Day, it’s with your diet.

Your Drink of Choice

27 Dresses
(via 2​7 Dresses)​

Before you cozy up on the couch you’ve got to get your priorities in order. Whether it be your favorite red, a glass of something bubbly, or hot chocolate with extra heart-shaped marshmallows, this is a key element to movie night with the girls.

Get Comfy

The Devil Wears Prada
(via T​he Devil Wears Prada)​

Now is not the time to impress. You can relax knowing your besties aren’t judging you, your messy hair, and two-sizes-too-big sweatpants that you’ve been shamelessly wearing since 7th grade. Elastic waist bands are highly encouraged.

Put The Phone Down

The Fault in Our Stars
(via F​ault In Our Stars)​

Grab a large bowl and make everyone put their phone in it. No social media, no drunk texts to your ex… make this a “no phone zone”. First person to grab their phone has to do the dishes.

The Perfect Movie

Moulin Rouge
(via M​oulin Rouge)​

Whether it’s a rom-­com, musical, or sad love story, choose an oldie but goodie for your movie select. You can’t lose with nostalgia! Here are a few of our favorites:

500 Days of Summer
There’s Something About Mary
27 Dresses
The Devil Wears Prada
Moulin Rouge
Fault in Our Stars

Now you’re all set to enjoy your Valentine’s Day movie night with your girl squad!

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