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Out of all four seasons, Fall fashion is my favorite. In the summertime, in California at least, you have to wear minimal clothing. Layers are out of the question because it gets so damn hot. Summer and Spring is all about practicality and getting away with the least amount of clothing since sweat tends to be the the enemy of fabric. Living in California, our definition of “cold” may be skewed, so forgive me if they’re different. Winter gets so cold that you just want to stay home in your pajamas, sip on a latte and watch reruns.

Check out the video to see all the behind the scenes action from the Fall shoot!

Fall is Goldilock’s bowl of porridge that’s “just right”. It’s not too hot, not too cold. Fall fashion is all about versatility and putting your best heel forward. In other words, this is the season to “do the most”. Bring your fashion A game! I loved the concept of a Fall fashion shoot that’s affordable to you guys. So I hit up the Bartoli Sisters to help style the photo shoot. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from Chloe and Marie-Lou Bartoli is how to pair designer items with more affordable items. Check out the looks and jot down some tips I’ve picked up from the sisters!

Look 1: In N Out Luxury

This IRO coat was one of my first purchases this year. Camel colors and suede fabric are the perfect fall marriage. So I was so stoked to wear this trench coat for this shoot. 

Since this is one of the more colorful looks, it’s something that is more suitable for the day time. I picture myself wearing it to meetings, brunch with my girls and eating a Double-Double at In N Out, of course.

What I’m Wearing: Camel trench coat – IRO, vintage levis – Re/Done, white tank – ZARA, Vintage 70’s Skinny Belt, 70s platform heels – ZARA, thin black socks – Walgreens

The jeans are vintage Levi’s cut and sewed by Re/Done, which is a brand that the Bartoli Sisters introduced me too. I love Re/Done and wear them all the time. They know how girls like their high-waisted jeans to fit.

Another cool element to this look was pairing socks with an open toe shoe, which I wouldn’t normally do. But the Bartoli Sisters are literally style geniuses and have opened my mind to breaking the rules of fashion. 

Look 2: Haute Hitchhike

Other then Re/Done, I’m a huge fan of Citizen jeans. The denim is comfortable and stretchy, aka wear these to the next family BBQ! Another thing I love most about fall is Sweater Weather. For this look, we layered a sweater with a leather jacket. To achieve a more chic look, a simple tuck in the front will do the job. I always tuck in my tops to show off a belt or the jeans themselves.

What I’m Wearing: Black “Rocket” jeans – Citizen, tie dye cashmere sweater – Raquel Allegra, black leather jacket – IRO, suede boots – ZARA, leather choker – Jacquie Aiche

The black leather jacket is from IRO. It’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s one of those must-have items. We all have that “thing” that we’re willing to splurge on. For some it’s a foundation, shoes or a bag, but for me, it’s a leather jacket. I literally have this IRO jacket in every color and I may have repeated an outfit 10 too many times. 

The accessory that’s covers probably 2% of this look, but was totally necessary is the leather choker. I used to wear chokers in middle school, as did every girl in the 90s, and I love that they’re back!

Look 3:  Leopard & Layers

I especially loved the makeup for this look. I call it “vampy glam”. The dark lip with the strawberry bronde hair color I’m rocking right now looks so good together. This was my overall favorite look from the whole shoot; from the boots to the jacket, just everything.

What I’m Wearing: vintage-inspired blouse – ZARA, skinny black jean – L’Agence, pony hair leopard jacket – Maje, glitter booties – ZARA 

What I’ve learned from the past is that if you’re going to wear a flashy item, then the rest of the look should be simplified. The sparkly boots and leather jacket are individually flashy items, but in this case it works since the boots and the entire look (minus the jacket) are all black.

This leopard jacket is definitely a statement piece, but it’s surprisingly versatile. It dresses up a dull look and just makes you look like you have your shit together and going places.  

Look 4: A Patchwork Suede

This look was a cool Bartoli take on the mod look. The thigh high boots are definitely the centerpiece of this outfit. It can be worn with anything; skirts, dresses, shorts, etc. I love what Zara is doing right now and this skirt is exemplary of their ability to make an affordable item look designer. The patchwork on this suede skirt is to die for and I love the color combo. It’s one of my favorite pieces I wore during this shoot.

The thing around my neck is a neck scarf and sold at Zara. I like to use it as a choker. I think this simple accessory sophisticates this look and makes it chic. And it seriously costs nothing. Knot it behind your neck and wear it with a white tee and jeans to dress up a casual outfit. It’s so versatile too. Turn it around, tie it in a bow and pair with a dressier blouse. There are so many options.

What I’m Wearing: Cotton crop sweater – ZARA, vintage-inspired patchwork skirt, necktie – my closet, thigh high boots – Stuart Weitzman, black suede fringe bag – Proenza Schouler

Look 5: Twilight DeTales

I call this my Twilight look. Definitely feeling the vampy vibes for this. This is more of a night out look that I’d wear to dinner with friends. It’s dressy and casual at the same time. The denim cutoffs is what makes this outfit more casual. If you want to go for an all-out dressy look, simply replace the denims for a black mini.

I love a good robe you can throw on with any outfit. This one I’m wearing is by Acne, which is one of my favorite brands. The material of this robe is super light, so it’s a great transition piece into or out of Fall.

We paired sheer black stockings under the cutoffs, which is a Fall fashion hack that’s almost common knowledge for woman-kind.

What I’m Wearing: Black tank – ZARA, vintage Levi’s – Re/Done, black long robe – Acne Studios, opaque black tights, black leather bootie – Saint Laurent.

That caps off my five Fall looks, which I hope inspire your future outfits this Fall season! There’s specific pieces in each look that are affordable.

Remember, it’s not about how much you’re spending that makes an outfit look great, after all money can’t buy style. Fashion is all about creativity, attitude and confidence to rock what you got. One fashion tip that I’ll leave you with is to purchase items that can go with any outfit. This means spending on light grey, black or beige color tones that can easily be mixed with anything. You’ll get more outfits out of this.

Hair | Ryan Richman
Makeup | Jadene Munson Wiele
Styling | Chloe Bartoli
Photography | Elias Tahan

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