Kitchen DIY: Easy, Party-Ready Cupcake Serving Tray


We certainly have a thing for trays. They’re useful in an assortment of ways: organizing, serving, decorating, etc. We realized that we have many decorative trays (see here & here for proof), but NO serving trays. This is a bit ridiculous since we’re 90% certain that trays were invented for serving. We have a birthday coming up (the big 2-5, eek), and wanted a way to serve cupcakes.

We found a simple acrylic tray at Home Goods for $6! We decided to use gold vinyl and cut out the phrase “A Party is Just a Meeting Without Cake” for our acrylic tray. The font we used is called ‘Bakery’, HOW PERFECT IS THAT?

Cupcake Tray


Silhouette Cameo & Tools (cutting mat, scraper, hook)
Cupcake Tray Silhouette File
Gold Metallic Vinyl
Acrylic Tray– Ours is 12″x8.5″, (we wanted it smaller for the cupcakes)
Optional: Iridescent Rhinestone Stickers– (we used the smaller ones to dot the i’s)


1. Open the Cupcake Tray Silhouette File in your Silhouette Software. Save it to a USB
2. Place a piece of gold vinyl onto the sticky side of your cutting mat. You don’t need to use a whole piece, 1/3 of the 12×12 sheet should be enough.
3. Turn on your Cameo, press “Load Cutting Mat” and load the mat into your machine.
4. Insert your USB into the port on the side.
5. Select the file that says “Cupcake Tray” and press “Cut.”
6. When it’s done cutting unload the cutting mat and peel off ALL the excess vinyl, including the inside of all the letters. This part takes the longest, so go slow and be patient. 7. Your Hook will help you with the small pieces of vinyl.
8. Place a piece of transfer paper over your design and scrape it down with the Scraper, so the transfer paper is firmly stuck to your design. Slowly lift the transfer paper off the vinyl backing, and the vinyl design should stick to the transfer paper.
9. Place your design on the bottom of your tray. Use the Scraper again to press down on the vinyl. Rip off the transfer paper.

*Optional: Dot the two i’s with Iridescent Rhinestone Stickers

Cupcake Tray Cupcake Tray Cupcake Tray Cupcake Tray

We truly love how our tray turned out and cant wait to use it for each and every occasion!

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