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Ashley Tisdale's The Haute Mess
Strawberry Bronde

I’m always changing up my hair color and having fun with it. After all, it’s just hair. But it’s not. You can literally see through someone’s soul by just looking at their hair. I’m a huge hair fan. I’m that girl on YouTube looking up hair tutorials for hours and trying it (sometimes failing miserably) on myself.

Playing a hairdresser on Clipped, has really opened my eyes to the magic in a hairstylist’s wand sheers. We just wrapped up filming the first season, so I knew I wanted to do something different. I enlisted the help of my girl – hair guru – Kristin Ess, who also co-founded Lauren Conrad’s The Beauty Department.

I’m naturally brunette, but have been rocking the blonde for a while now. With this strawberry color I wanted to do something different. I’m always fighting my natural warm color by bleaching and trying to maintain an ashy blonde. Which means I have to constantly get my hair done and the health of my hair ends up suffering.

This is why, this time around I decided to go warm, have a hint of red, but stay in the blonde-ish area. Basically I wanted the best of three worlds. Kristin, who’s a red-head herself, helped me find the right shade of red and what to do to make the color last.

I decided on this “strawberry bronde” color, which has been such a relief to my hair since I was relying on extensions to cover up the damage up until now. Seriously, I was doing the most. Since I’m now embracing my hair’s natural warmth and no longer fighting to make it make blonde, I’m getting a break from the bleach and can rock my real hair length.

During the hair process. #ImAHauteMess

I’m obsessed with this shade and am totally digging it. Maybe too much. She mentioned that red is an addiction. It’s kind of like how blondes want to go blonder, but when they do no one notices, but them. It’s the same thing with reds. I’ve only been a strawberry bronde for a while, but already want to go redder.

To maintain the color, I’ve been using Davines Alchemic Copper Conditioner, which Kristin recommended. I also use Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner after I hop out the shower and a Kerastase serum after I blow dry it.


I try to not use heat tools on my hair, but I just have a lot of hair that I have to tame. So I break it down, by blow drying at night and curling it in the morning. My go-to hairstyle is wearing it straight with a bend in it, which I actually learned from one of Kristin’s tutorials on The Beauty Department. I’m literally on the site, learning and buying the hair tools like the haute mess that I am. Kristin Ess is so innovative when it comes to hair and I love reading her tutorials, I’m like the biggest fan.

Any other Brondes out there?

Photo cred: Elias Tahan


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Ashley Tisdale's The Haute Mess

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